Frequently Asked Questions

What are Beautiful Tickets’ store hours?
Our normal hours are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Does Beuatiful Tickets charge extra service charges above the price shown on your site?
No. The price does not change after putting tickets into the cart like on most other sites. We show you the full price up front and only add a delivery charge if you choose to have your tickets shipped.

Why Buy Tickets From Beautiful Tickets?
Say you don’t want to stand in long lines for tickets or you just don’t have the time. Many times you don’t like the seats you get after waiting in lines or after finally getting through over the phone….
You just heard your favorite performer is coming to town and you just have to get those close upfront seats….
Your most important clients or family are coming in from out of town, you may need tickets at the last minute, when only a ticket service can help you….
It seemed impossible to get tickets to the Superbowl, NASCAR Race, World Series, Kentucky Derby, Final Four, or a variety of other World Class events….
You’re going out of town on business or vacation and want to surprise or entertain clients with tickets to an out-of-town event, or simply entertain yourself! Whatever your reasons for buying tickets on the secondary market, Beautiful Tickets wants to make your buying experience a pleasure.

Why does Beautiful Tickets charge above the face value of tickets?
Our costs for obtaining tickets are always related to the market demand. At times we may pay many times the original face value to obtain tickets that are in high demand. Other times we may purchase tickets at a small price over the face value and then we may sell them for prices closer to the face value. In some cases we are in a position to actually sell you tickets at below the face value. The amount you pay for your tickets relates to the cost of obtaining them.

How does Beautiful Tickets get their tickets?
Beautiful Tickets puts their capital at risk daily by purchasing tickets from Season Ticket Holders, conventional public sales, and soliciting through advertising. We also utilize our network of national contacts to provide you with premium tickets even when your event is out of town. The hot topic in the ticket industry right now is about automated software that circumvents Beautiful Tickets’ security systems or otherwise give an unfair advantage to its user. Beautiful Tickets DOES NOT use anything like this to acquire tickets. Even though we feel the reports of this practice are exaggerated, we are sure that these software programs exist in some form and believe that they are short sighted and unfair to consumers.

What are TicketFast/Emailable Tickets?
These are like the e-tickets that airlines are using now. The ticket information is printed out on a standard printer (in color or black&white) and has a barcode that is scanned like a traditional ticket at the venue for admission. You will receive a TicketFast page/sheet of paper for each ticket you order (order 2 tickets marked TicketFast, get 2 Ticketfast pages). The TicketFast piece of paper IS your ticket, and is all you will need to attend your event. You will not receive a traditional “hardback” ticket. Ticketfast tickets listed on our site for sale cannot be replaced with traditional tickets. Ticketfast tickets do come with the same guarantees that any other ticket on our site has. Ticketfast tickets often will have a name printed on them other than the end user. This is very common and you can be assured that these tickets will work for the bearer and do not require any I.D. for use.

SHIPPING OPTIONS FOR EMAILABLE TICKETS– In most cases we can email you this type of ticket at no charge and you will print the tickets, or we can print the tickets and ship them to you (shipping fees apply). When buying EMAILABLE tickets from our site that you would like to have emailed to you- choose the “free pick up at Pembroke Pines office” option and under the comments write “PLEASE EMAIL TICKETS”.

If you have any questions about how our service works, please contact us.